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07 Nov

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How to write a CV for Childcare Jobs in Australia

For Early Childhood Educators seeking childcare jobs in Australia, a well-structured CV is the key to success. Here's a guide on how to write a CV tailored for childcare positions in Australia. Introduction: Start your CV with your full name and contact information, followed by a brief professional summary. It must include your qualifications and passion for Early Childhood Education, highlighting your commitment to shaping young minds in Australia. Education:…

11 Oct

Early Education, Tips

Exciting benefits of process-art based learning

Exciting benefits of process-art based learning and how you can empower and engage children with this innovative approach as an Early Childhood Educator As an Early Childhood Educator, embracing process-art based learning can offer incredible benefits for children's development. Process art is an innovative form of art that prioritises the creative process over the finished product. When children engage in process art, they are encouraged to explore their creativity by…

31 Jan


Early Childcare Australia Covid-19 Response

Last updated 24/01/22 The early childhood education and care sector (ECEC), along with the rest of the community, is experiencing the impacts of the COVID-19 virus and the significant challenges it poses to the families, early childhood educators and providers of early childhood education and care services. Do you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines? ECA is pleased to present a special webinar all about the COVID vaccines. Murdoch Children’s…

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