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We’re the secret ingredient to building a better team.

If you’re looking for staff in the early childhood sector, Earlyhood’s ready to introduce you to the highest quality of passionate employees.

We’ll save you the burden of time and energy, taking over every aspect of your recruitment process. Instead of spending hours sourcing, interviewing and matching, you’ll enjoy reviewing the best of the best, personally sourced for your unique needs.

Whether you’re looking for permanent or casual staff, we’re at your service.

Staff your service

Find attentive, experienced and passionate staff

Our 15 years of experience within early childhood care means we bring thousands of candidates and connections to your needs.

Whether you’re on the hunt for an Educator, Early Childhood Teacher, Educational Leader, Director, Manager, OOSH Coordinator or Cook, Earlyhood’s dedicated recruiters unearth the highest quality of attentive and experienced staff across greater Sydney.

A dedicated account manager

Experience the benefits of personal, dedicated care with your own account manager. You’ll have a single point of contact supporting you in every stage of your recruitment and placement journey. With our replacement guarantee, you’ll never have the challenge of unfilled roles again.

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Earlyhood Recruitment Offers

Easy Contact

Contact us today so we can get to know your needs. Our experienced consultants will visit your centre in person, building a robust understanding of your culture fit and centre philosophy.

Our time

Benefit from the fruit of our hours of advertising, interviewing and shortlisting, all without investing your own time into the recruitment process.

Our speciality

Our niche approach to recruitment means we’re focused on early childhood education, not divided across irrelevant industries.

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Finding the best staff for your team no longer needs to be a daunting challenge. Contact us today to get started on finding your dream employees in our streamlined, innovative recruitment process.

What we offer

Our Segments

Permanent Recruitment

Earlyhood’s Permanent Recruitment service helps early childhood services find the perfect new team member for long-term employment. We work closely with our clients to build a comprehensive understanding of their needs with a tailored recruitment experience dedicated to identifying the highest quality permanent staff. Our Recruitment Consultants are committed to finding the best candidate for your job’s needs.

Casual Recruitment

Discover a pool of qualified and passionate early childhood educators available for casual employment. Our Casual Recruitment service provides flexible, convenient solutions, equipping you with the access you need to manage your workforce efficiently and cost-effectively. Our dedicated Recruitment Consultants will work with you to build the scale of casual educators, meaning you’re never left without the talent you need.

OOSH (Out Of School Hours) Recruitment

Never be under-staffed again with our OOSH Recruitment service. We bring a unique understanding of the skill sets required by OOSH educators, working closely with each of our clients to find candidates whose experience perfectly complements the OOSH environment. Discover personalised recruitment services that will resolve the pain of talent discovery with Earlyhood’s expert team.

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Ready to get started

We understand that trying to source the best staff for your centre can be a daunting challenge. This is why we are here. Contact us to get started on your recruitment needs. Click on the below link or call/text us 0416474112 or email team@earlyhood.com.au with your specific requirements.

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