Exciting benefits of process-art based learning

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Exciting benefits of process-art based learning

Exciting benefits of process-art based learning

Exciting benefits of process-art based learning and how you can empower and engage children with this innovative approach as an Early Childhood Educator

As an Early Childhood Educator, embracing process-art based learning can offer incredible benefits for children’s development. Process art is an innovative form of art that prioritises the creative process over the finished product. When children engage in process art, they are encouraged to explore their creativity by experimenting with different colours, shapes, and textures.

Allowing children to choose their own creative pursuits and providing a variety of materials can help to develop their cognition, imagination, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. It also boosts their self-confidence as they learn to express themselves through art. Encouraging children to reflect on their artwork by asking open-ended questions can also help to develop their critical thinking and communication skills.

Some questions that you can ask as an Early Childhood Educator:

  • What prompted you to select this object for your drawing?
  • How did you determine the colours and materials in your painting?
  • What do you suggest we do with this beautiful artwork that you have created?
  • How did you feel while creating this?

Moreover, process art can be a cost-effective approach to learning, as materials can be sourced from common household items such as discarded cardboard boxes, egg cartons, and fabric scraps. This can also foster environmental awareness and sustainability among children, as they learn to repurpose materials for creative purposes.

In conclusion, adopting process-art based learning can be a rewarding experience for both Early Childhood Educators and Children. By offering a safe and supportive environment for children to explore their creativity, educators can empower them to reach their full potential.


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