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Finding Flexibility and Freedom

Our dedicated specialists have delivered results for hundreds of employers and staff alike. Hear from some of our recruits about how Earlyhood has provided them with flexibility, autonomy and rewarding career opportunities for advancement and enrichment.

Meet Antonia, Diploma Educator

Antonia Harriden is a passionate early childhood educator. Growing up in the country, Antonia loves to spend time surfing and horse riding when she’s not at work, with flexibility and freedom at the heart of her values.

Having worked in the childcare industry for over three years before connecting with Earlyhood, Antonia is now enjoying the access Earlyhood has provided to diploma educator positions across Sydney.

As an educator, she’s focused on building strong connections with the children in her care. Whether she’s engaging in learning and development activities or helping foster their social and emotional connections, Antonia’s care for children is evident in the safe, secure environment she works hard to create.

Antonia’s Earlyhood experience

Since commencing with Earlyhood six months ago, Antonia has continued to find exactly what she needs to take control of her career, her time and her earnings. She deeply enjoys the flexibility Earlyhood offers. Whether she’s looking for additional shifts, longer shifts or shorter shifts in any given time period, Earlyhood provides the unique recruitment pathways that have empowered Antonia to work on her terms and on her own schedule.

‘I would recommend Earlyhood because the staff are amazing,’ shared Antonia. ‘They work alongside you to make sure you’re always happy where you’ve been placed.’

The highest quality of early childhood care

As a leading early childhood recruitment agency in Sydney, we pride ourselves on identifying candidates who will provide the highest quality of care and developmental-focused education to the childhood sector.

It’s just one of the reasons we’ve loved seeing Antonia flourish with Earlyhood’s support – by aligning her passion for the early childhood field with the needs of our clients, we’re able to build sustainable recruitment solutions for employers and employees alike.

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