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Nick Preston

Recruitment Area Manager
Region - Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches

Introducing Nick, our esteemed Recruitment Area Manager leading the charge in the Northern Beaches region. With an unwavering passion for uniting top talent with unparalleled opportunities, Nick stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication.

Drawing from a rich reservoir of experience in talent acquisition and management, Nick is deeply committed to propelling organizational triumph through strategic hiring initiatives and the cultivation of a culture steeped in excellence. With a discerning eye for talent, Nick ensures that our team comprises adept professionals who not only meet but exceed our company’s ethos and aspirations.

Nick’s leadership style is synonymous with empowerment, fostering an environment where every team member is equipped to thrive and excel. As the driving force behind our recruitment triumphs, Nick spearheads our endeavours to attract top-tier talent, ensuring our workforce remains a catalyst for perpetual growth and accomplishment.

With Nick steering the ship, we are primed to continue our trajectory of attracting the best and brightest, building a workforce that paves the way for sustained success and achievement.

M: 0452 153 756

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